How to strategize email marketing campaigns for generating better ROI


Email marketing is a traditional way to generate revenue utilized by thousands of businesses around the globe. But many people pretend it to be an outdated method.

They are still beneficial for the one who is doing it the right way, i.e, running email marketing campaigns that is best suited for your business. In the initial phase you must build up strategies and then schedule them, i.e, implement them in the right series.

Don’t treat it like a number game rather it’s more like a sequential structure.

How to strategize email marketing campaigns

Set your goal

Firstly, determine what you want to achieve as final result. Setting a target goal helps you to get a better understanding of whether your action plan was effective or not.

Segment your target audience

Segmentation of your audience highly affects the end result. It plays is the major role in strategy building. Most of the companies generate revenue by targeting those who are interested in their brand.

This is actually the best way to generate revenue and will result in high ROI. The people who opted in or signed up to receive emails are more likely to get converted easily. In case, you want to target new people and intend to build their interest in your products then you need to create a higher set of emails in order to get good response at end.

Prepare series and implement

Now in order to achieve your goal, you would have to prepare the most effective set of emails that would require a lot of effort. You can also refer to the other’s email marketing campaign strategies relevant to your business for creating a perfect set of emails for your campaign.

You can also follow up the following pattern:

  • The first mail can be an introductory mail. You can opt to share brief information about your business.
  • In the second mail you can showcase your product and services in-depth. Remember to share the right content with the right people for better response rate.
  • In the third mail you can give offers and deals so that the target audience may get converted.

Let’s talk about the benefits

Low cost

The cost of running email marketing software campaigns is far lower than what you expect to pay. This is the main reason that it is considered to be the best channel for targeting potential customers.

 Increase traffic on website

If the content is relevant and consistent, you can get more opens and clicks on your mail and this leads to more traffic on your website. Make sure to inserts links to your website within the mail at various places.

Build your brand

Email Marketing is the best channel to build up and maintain brand awareness. It is the only channel that target audience asks to receive.

You can create brand awareness by just following these simple steps.

  • Only target appropriate audience for your business.
  • Be consistent with the format and information categories.
  • Promote your logo. Add it to the email every time. This will create a virtual presence of your brand in the receiver’s mind.

Reach people on any device

From computers to mobile phones, each and every device allows you to access emails. In almost all the mobile phones, user’s email id keep logged in throughout, so whenever we send an email there is probably higher chances of views on your email.

In brief, for a successful email marketing campaign you must focus on content, relevancy of audience and their taste.


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