Responsive Emails are the real secret of Email more Opens & Clicks

Still sending the emails without responsive CSS media queries? Then you have to think responsively about your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing responsive design solutions

The trend towards responsive web design began in 2010 when web designer Ethan Marcotte posited that “rather than tailoring disconnected designs to each of an ever-increasing number of web devices, we can treat them as facets of the same experience.”  that’s a great idea, he posited for businesses.

As the smartphone users graph growing exponentially, the different sized screens becoming the more important factor while designing the business emails for your customers.

The responsive email marketing newsletter templates here meaning you should have to design the emails which must of optimal for all sized devices. Because you don’t know your subscriber’s device which they use to open your emails.

Let’s discuss some qualitative reasons for using the responsive email designs-

Here some techniques for creating the email responsive according to the screens.

Scalable email template designs- Scaling of the email templates help to make your email templates responsive in the minimum amount of coding.

Email Marketing responsive design scaling solutions

The scalability consist of the few components which differ from each other. The list of the sacable components are-

  • The layout of the email template
  • The font size and font style
  • Clickable call-to-action button

Fluid email template designs-  The fluid percentage-based technique adjust the screen sizing according to the device size. Only the term is it adds extra white space around your content.

Email Marketing responsive design fluid solutions

Email Responsive design templates- The email responsive technique help to customize the size according to the user’s preference. In the email responsive techniques, you can create the perfect fit emails for all kind of screen resolutions.

Email Marketing responsive design solutions

Now let’s design an email template which is responsive. And opens on every screen.

Let’s discuss some points for email templates-

1. Design & write for mobile first-

“Designing emails for a mobile screen forces you to be ruthless with your content and aesthetic and makes you get to the point faster,” says Tom Boates, VP of User Experience at RunKeeper. Emails designed for mobile generate more ROI  for you.

2. Respect the guidelines for the touch-based interface-

Make sure the email design according to the touch screen guidelines like the sizing button and fonts. The email template which created according to touchscreen gets more leads.

3. You need an email series to for consistency-

The responsive email counted as the positive prospect for email marketing but keeping customers engaged with the consistency in email series is also required. So design the email templates connected with each other.

4. Use the coding for compatibility-

HTML email Code helps to keep the email templates more compatible on each user’s screen. So include the codes carefully for making your emails for best fit.

Here the reasons for using the responsive email templates for your business. Let’s professionally do the business mailing. Make your email marketing strategy for generating the revenues and doubles your business profit.

Let’s start the compatible business mailing in a fresh way.


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